Many of you may know me by attending workshops held at your company’s offices. Or you may have come across my work on TV or radio or read my books. So you’ll know that I’m passionate about helping people to sleep deeply, awaken with amazing energy and resources to live their lives with joy and resilience. I’ve spent 25 years plus helping people to do this and even longer than this working on myself and healing my own issues with insomnia which I had from childhood.

For years people have been asking me if I run public programmes that they or their family and friends can attend (without it needing to be hosted by their companies) – so here it is:

Live Well Love Well Sleep Well 2020 Webinar programme

I’ll kick off with all matters sleep related but as we go through the programme I’ll be tackling topics such as nutrition, bolstering the immune system, the art of happiness, meditation, relationships, menopause, parenting, creativity, and who knows where else we might go?

First ever public webinar which will be held at 12pm (BST) on April 2nd 2020

Sleep in a Changing World (part 1) – Reclaim Your Innate Ability to Sleep Deeply

  • The unhelpful beliefs and misconceptions that are stopping you sleeping deeply
  • Feeling safe to sleep. A reality check for you and why your ability to sleep deeply is less about thread count and more to do with the part of your nervous system you’re living from
  • 5 tools that will change your relationship with sleep – small changes that will make a big difference
  • Practising falling asleep and getting back to sleep – 2 simple but powerful exercises you can do immediately
  • What to do next. Creating sustainable change and changing habits

So please invite your family and friends to come along too – I can’t wait to work with you.